HR Code Library

What is the HR Code Library?

The HR Code library is a collaborative development environment for Citizen and Professional Developers. It contains:

  • A standard database schema (  HR Data Platform Standard )  for design and assembly

  • Open source with a reusable code library for Citizen and Professional Developers linked to Competitive Edge Technology's Bitbucket with over 330 repositories referenced   

  • A Low Code copy and paste facility for Citizen Developers to build their custom applications

The HR Code Library is a must have resource to support MXDP (Multiple Experience Development Platforms). It goes beyond code for transactions and supports AI, IoT, chatbots, RPA, Blockchain Apps, and all of the modern digital platform customization needs.

The HR Code Library is a source for reusable code to copy and paste to HR business applications built to the HR-DPS (HR Data Platform Standard) structure.

The HR API Catalog is the source for application developers to locate API connection points to CET's data platform or CET's Blockchain direct..

The rapid uptake of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the need for custom development of applications to suit the business, makes the Code Library a very valuable source of information. The Code Library identifies in RED HR processes that would benefit from AI and further identifies the data element from which AI predictive algorithms could be launched.

Whilst ideal for reusable code to build algorithms, data management is critical. Data sources needed for AI transparency can be stored in a client's Metadata Repository. The HR Microservices Metadata Repository is a mirror image of the Code Library and is installed for clients as part of the consulting services offered. 

The HR Code Library is the central reference point for HR component projects and for the internal administration of component content, including application and data descriptions.

HR Code Library supports CITIZEN DEVELOPERS and professional IT component developers. 

A cloned copy of this Wiki Space is made available to HR Microservices clients during consulting engagements to act as their METADATA REGISTRY and for ongoing management of component replacements. 

HR Code Library content includes:

  • A library of reusable code - indexed according to the business structure defined in the HR-DPS (HR Data Platform Standard) standard.

  • A registration point for component products available through the HR Apps and Code Library 

  • Supplementary information for the component MARKETPLACE where commercial product developers can provide specific details about their component products capability. 

  • A business aligned method of DISCOVERY for the assembly of component based HR systems.

  • A source of information for component customization and plug-in apps identified during the HR Cloud Solutions gap analysis phase of product selection

  • An explanatory source, and illustration of process flows, for components under consideration during the product selection process using the specification and selection tool from HR Microservices.

  • A support source for custom development: Developers, or component assemblers, can locate sellers (or collaborators) of the components they require to accelerate the building of their custom application..

  • A COLLABORATIVE environment where citizen developers of custom applications share code and data content for their components.  

  • A COMMUNITY resource where members can obtain more details about the component selection and assembly process