Assemble your HR Microservices Application with Pre-Built or Plug In Components

SECTION1 of each item within the HR Application Framework decribes the pre-built standardised (HR-DPS) DEFAULT component that can be downloaded and installed by clients on their development platform

SECTION 2 of each item within the HR Application Framework lists the components that have been developed by others that can be substituted for the DEFAULT component on the framework

Below is a screen shot of the HR Data Platform application framework that can be installed by clients, or by HR Microservices on their behalf. The pre-built framework saves hours of user development time. Contact


HR Microservices encourages both professional and citizen developers to:

  1. Download a PDF copy of the HR Data Platform Standard or go online to view the de facto standard to use as a guide for development

  2. Set up a Development Account with the platform provider of their choice

  3. Download the HR Data Platform application framework.

  4. Customise the framework to suit the company’s HR business practice

  5. Build applications to list on the HR Apps Store

  6. Go to the Apps Store and select a component built by someone else that fits your purpose

  7. Install (or plug in) the component on your platform application framework

  8. Build your own menu (group objects) to suit the way your HR operation is structured

  9. For more information contact  

Before developers can "plug in" component applications they must have an application framework in place as the foundation layer for their HR platform solution.